A Dynamic Practical Solution Based Transformational
Reformation Movement

WOWLife World consists of over 115+ coach groups around the world.

Our Purpose:

Build a community of like-minded believers across the globe with a holistic and solution-based revelation of Jesus Christ.

We Are The Mystical Church

World Wide Growth

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Meet with like minded people to discuss the word of God and how to practically apply it.


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Help fund your reformation so it will continue to grow.

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Sundays (Eastern Hemisphere)
530am BST | 630am SAST
10am IST | 1230pm SGT

Saturdays (Western Hemisphere)
1130pm EST | 1030pm CST
930pm MST | 830pm PST

6am PDT | 7am MST
8am CST | 9am EST
2pm BST | 3pm SAST
630pm IST | 9pm SGT

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Previous events and material can be purchased on the WOW Media Productions website.

WOW Life World is the global reformation movement that was birthed from WOW Life Church in Sri Lanka.

Kirby & Fiona de Lanerolle are the founders and visionaries of WOW, fathered by Neil Obeyesekere from Grace Ministries, Dubai.

WOW belongs to the Apostolic Diocese of Ceylon.

Learn about WOW Life Church here.

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