Luminous Life 2022


Recorded live sessions from San Diego, California, USA.

April 29-30, 2022

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This weekend seminar will bring meditation and its importance to the forefront of your everyday life. You will be able to experience first-hand the impact of how entering the VOID can bring peace and stillness to your hectic life. Learn from Kirby de Lanerolle, Christian Mystic, and co-founder of WOWLife Church, Columbo, Sri Lanka, the essence of living in a peaceful state without being triggered. 
No matter how busy or chaotic life is around you there is a place to go internally that can bring tranquility into any situation. These four general sessions and a voluntary practical session will allow you to pick up bio-hacking tips that can make meditation easier even for the busiest minds.
Nestorian Christianity has had deep roots in Sri Lankan history. Over 1800 years ago the eastern church traveled through what is now Sri Lanka on the way to China. They were welcomed by kings and emperors and decreed as the “religion of light.” Many of their practices have been used in other ancient philosophies. Use this seminar to experience firsthand the benefits of adding this modality to your daily spiritual life.